Retail Store

„…inside the little shop it seems, as if an oversized Piñata with uncounted treasures and culinary delights were brought to burst”.

Frida Kolorida is a tiny shop in the very heart of Hamburg, the Neustadt, where it offers a wide range of colorful products on a few square meters only.

The range of products consists of Mexican handicrafts and silver jewelry, culinary gifts such as a choice of selected wines, tea, blends of spices and homemade Pestos, as well as home accessories and gifts from Hamburg and other parts of Europe.

The idea to open Frida Kolorida (31.05.2008) was born by the wish to familiarize inhabitants of Hamburg with the lovely Mexican everyday arts and habits (the shop owner lived for five years in Mexico). That is why the Mexican part of the shop has a significant value in the shop, which is last but not least responsible for the shop name given. Frida Kahlo, the day of the Death with all its scary lovely skeletons in all circumstances, holy Guadalupe, likewise huge Piñatas, colorful bags made of oilcloth and plenty of other colorful fuss can be found at Frida Kolorida.

Among other less known producers you can also find at Frida Kolorida products by San Miguel Designs, La Fraise Rouge, Lalo Orna, Wood & Scherer, Ullikates, Dekoop, Krima and Isa, Strandgutfischer, Pension für Produkte, Kräuterbox, Feuer und Glas, En Gry & Sif, Rikki Tikki, Nikkes, Huisteil, Bulla Design, Ajola, Kitsch Kitchen, Extra Virgin Art etc…