Finally back: The distinctive Submarinos…

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The popular Submarions. Drown your sorrows in hot chocolate.

If you order a Submarino in Argentina you will get a glass of hot milk and a piece of dark chocolate. In it this is sunk like a submarine (Submarino) and dissolves slowly.

This beautiful ritual stood godfather for the idea to create the Submarinos with which sorrows and woes can be drown in hot milk symbolically by little chocolate figures which transform into a delicious drinking chocolate.  

Further aides for acute emergencies are for heart-pain the heart, for first assistance the cross or the original Submarino. As a gift they are the ideally comfort donor for delicate situations in life. The four individual chocolate figures (approx. 20 - 30 g) correspond to a cup portion and consist of fine-harsh chocolate with 53 % cocoa. The different figures are poured by a confectioner in manual work. The product is manufactured and packed exclusively in Germany. The explaining post card comes together with a Submarino box which you  can get for 10 Euros at Frida Kolorida.